Desert Tumbling
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  2021 Schedule!

Beginning Tumble: Ages 6 – 16 yrs.
Beginning tumbling program is broken down into three age groups: 6-7, 8-10, & 11-16. Each age group offers the same skill set, but is taught at an age appropriate pace.  Beginning skills include handstands, cartwheels, backbends, kickovers, front and back walkovers, round-offs and more. A strong basic skill set will lead to confidence and success at the higher levels of tumbling.   

Beginning/Intermediate Tumble: Ages 7 – 16 yrs.
Beginning/Intermediate level is for students with a strong handstand, backbend and kickover. This class will focus on standing back handsprings, hurdles, and round-offs in preparation for more advanced tumbling. Basic skills will be re-enforced and strengthened. 

Intermediate Tumble: Ages 7 – 16 yrs.
A standing back handspring and strong basics are required for this class. This level focuses on the round off back handspring sequence, front handsprings, and front and back flips on trampoline and mini-tramp.

Advanced Tumble: Ages 7 – 16 yrs.
Advanced tumbling is for students with a strong, unassisted round-off back handspring.  This class continues to work on round-off back handsprings and learning to tumble into the foam pit. Back tucks, layouts, fulls, and double fulls are taught at this level. 

Boys Tumbling: Ages 8 – 12 yrs.
This class teaches basic tumbling including rolls, handstands, cartwheels, handsprings, front flips and back flips. Time will also be spent on trampoline and mini tramp.

Open Gym: Ages 10 and up
Open gym participants, 10 years and older, will be able to work at their own pace in a semi-structured, safe, and supervised atmosphere. Instruction and spotting assistance is available.